The Diner’s Diary

xlargeDeveloped in: Objective-C for iOS

Role: Programmer

Worked On: January 2014

Worked With: Dustin Kochensparger, Joe Borysko


The Diner’s Diary was an iOS application created for the one week iOS App Challenge. The application allows the user to keep track of what they ordered at restaurants so that when they go to a place they have been before they can remember what they liked, and how they liked it.


I was the concept creator, and also acted the GUI programmer on this project. It involved figuring out the Storyboard framework on iOS and re figuring out Objective-C.

Technical Challenges:

  • Short Timespan- There was not a lot of time to develop this application especially given that no one on the team owned Mac’s, so we were constrained to time’s when the labs were open
  • New Technologies- While I had developed with Objective-C before, I had to become more familiar with it this time around. Learning more in-depth Objective-C and Storyboard while trying to develop a project was somewhat frustrating.