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Developed in: ActionScript 3.0 with Adobe AIR and Stage3D

Role: Lead Programmer

Worked On: June 2013 – October 2013

Core Team Worked With: Dustin Kochensparger, Matthew DeNovio, Torey Scheer, Amy Squire, Margaret Dolensky, Amanda Imperial


Memento is a running game similar to Temple Run. Players play as a cop, Layla, who needs to get to the scene of the crime as quick as possible. Memento is a narrative driven game where every decision counts, and where taking a life is not easily done.


I programmed the rendering engine using Stage3D. I was in charge of distributing out programming tasks, as well as gameplay programming. I did most of the core programming for this project ranging from level generation to resource management.

Technical Challenges:

  • Rendering with Stage3D- Not only was this my first rendering engine, but it was also using not technology that is not as well known. A lot of the difficulty was figuring out how Stage3D did things compared to DirectX or OpenGL.
  • Balancing Responsibilities: Trying to juggle so many jobs at once in a short development time led to a lackluster gameplay system. I was also primarily in charge of making sure gameplay worked, but having to try and do too many roles at once caused sacrifices to be made.