Energy Drive


Play Energy Drive in Browser Here

Developed in: Unity using JavaScript

Role: Lead Programmer

Worked On: June 2012 – January 2013

Worked With: Dustin Kochensparger, Torey Scheer, Matthew DeNovio, Amanda Imperial


Energy Drive is a game for good that deals with resource management.  The game tries to take a neutral approach to the current energy problem.  It shows the effects that polluting energy sources may have on the environment, but also highlights  that it is not always cost effective to go for the alternative.  Energy Drive is designed to be experience through multiple playthroughs.


I acted as leader programmer on the project, in which my responsibilities involved knowing the codebase and keeping two other programmers on task.  I worked on overall code structure, the messaging system, and GUI integration.

Technical Challenges:

  • Messy Codebase– The codebase was handed down from another team.  It was extremely messy and poorly documented leaving  many decisions about what to scrap and what to keep
  • GUI Integration– We used an external middleware tool known as iGUI.  iGUI is also poorly documented and involves keeping all code in one file.  A lot of testing was needed to figure out fully how the middleware worked
  • Networking features– The networking features were user login and leaderboard posting.  This was my first networked project.  It was difficult figuring out all the components involved in transferring data around and verifying authentication based on a database